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Dear Santa,

I have been a good boy. You can check with any of my friends. They will tell ya. I didn't hit anybody in at least a week.

I ate most of my supper. And sometimes I don't like the peas.

I picked up my cars off the floor and I brushed my teeth every time I remembered. I didn't throw my clothes on the floor, I just forgot to pick them up after they fell down there all by themselves. Really!
I didn't holler much. Well, maybe one time I did, but that was just cuz I forgot.
I'm gonna start making my own bed every day, you'll see.

So please bring me everything on my list and
I will leave you some cookies and milk and a carrot or two for the reindeer. Say hello to Rudolph for me and don't listen to anybody who says I was being bold. They are fibbing.
I am not naughty and besides you can't leave coal cuz we don't have that kind of furnace,
so forget that idea.

Tell Mrs. Santa to give you some good hot oatmeal before you leave on Christmas Eve cuz Mommy said it sticks to your ribs and I don't understand what that means except she says it to me all the time to make me eat it.


Your Good Boy