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Hello There!

Santa here. I'm on my way
right now to visit your homes.
I had gotten a report that you
have been moved from the naughty list
some time ago and are now on the
"very, very good list".
Ho! Ho! Ho!

I hope you remember that you MUST be
asleep when I get there,
or I don't leave much but coal
in stockings of those who stay up
late trying to peek at Santa.

Now I do have your list and I
have packed my sack with tons of
gifts and surprises for all those
well behaved people all over the world!! So, go to sleep early and
for Pete's sake don't forget
to leave me some yummy
cookies and brownies and a big glass of milk

I will see you later tonite.
So sleep well, so that in
the morning you can wake
bright eyed and bushy-tailed
and see what I have left you!!

Good Bye till next year.