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Hello Everyone!
I made this site mainly for us
Web TV users who must link to gifs and
midis that we use in our
E-mail pages.

These are free linkable gifs,
midis, and Christmas cards that can
be sent to family and friends.

Transload if you can, link if
you need to, but most of all, have fun!

There is an index below
for your convenience,
but you can navigate the
site by using the
back, next, and home buttons
on each page.

Because I don't have a guest book,
if you enjoyed this site
will you drop me a line to let me know?
And then pass it along to
all your friends!
Here you go, then....Enjoy!

Merry Christmas
And A Blessed New Year

Holiday Greetings Banners

Christmas Tree Gifs

Santa Gifs

Assorted Christmas Gifs

More Assorted Christmas Gifs

Even More Assorted Christmas Gifs

Christmas Midis

Christmas Card Selections

My Awards Shelf

Country Christmas Webring
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