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Santa's sleigh flies through the sky w/reindeer

Santa's Face

Santa blowing a horn

Santa playing guitar

Santa at desk checking list twice

Santa and Frosty

Santa wishes Merry Christmas

Red Santa face winks at you

Santa with green gloves. Very nice

Santa's face. His hat has a little holly sprig

Santa and elf on a seesaw

Small Santa hopping around

Tired Santa sitting down

Old fashioned Santa w/long coat

Santa dances around

Santa and sleigh go from left to right

Santa stuffs his bag down the chimney

Santa laughs, belly jiggles

Santa with sunglasses on

Santa arrives in the fireplace

Santa skates back and forth

Santa nods his head

Santa appears, winks, disappears

Small Santa face

Santa tiptoes quietly

Santa in sleigh waving

Santa working at computer

Santa hugs a couple reindeer

Santa is making his list

Santa stretched out on a chaise lounge

Santa is searching through his bag

Santa is waving

Santa on red and white candycane

Small Santa carrying a tree

Large Santa face

Small Santa and sleigh on white bar

Small Santa on right and left sides

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