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Pretty wrapped present

Elf with Christmas list

Elf pulls Santa's beard Elves have presents

Frosty with broom in snowstorm

House lit up with trees on each side

Rudolf blinks his eyes and his nose lights up

Animated toy soldier

Ho Ho Ho banner

Holly leaf with white bow and red ribbon

Christmas stocking with green heel and toe

Puppy in Santa's Hat

Two dancing gingerbread cookies

A manger scene

Another manger scene

Christmas scene

A pretty poinsetta flower

A snowman waves at you

A white cat with red Christmas bow and holly

Sprig of holly with red berry

White reindeer facing left

White reindeer facing right

Small green wreath with red bow

Small wreath with red bow

Small wreath with bear in center

Heart shaped wreath

Animated snowflake

Candle in the window

Cute Rudolf

Santa falls down the screen

Mouse pops out of stocking

Christmas stocking spins

Bunny in a stocking

Peace On Earth

Elf pulls a tree behind him

String of horizontal Christmas lights

Draped horizontal Christmas lights

Pretty wreath

Animated candycane

Animated candycane with pink bow

Animated candycane with pink bow (spins)

Candycane with red ribbons

Candycane with green ribbons

Candycane line

Candycane line

Small gold bells with red bow

Two happy gold bells with purple ribbons

Bunch of wrapped presents

This gift box will be whatever color your background is

Same as above, different shape

Gift box with red ribbons

Twinkling star

Small Christmas fireplace with stockings

Large Christmas fireplace with stockings

Birds holding ribbon with ornaments hanging

Small red gift on bar

Pretty gold bell line

Reindeer and snowman line

Better Watch Out santaline

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