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To send a card to
another e-mail address,
click on the card you like
and while viewing it,
simply hit your send button
and when the drop-down screen appears,
enter the address
of person you would like
to receive the card,
and then click
"Send Page"

If you click on a card and it is not the one you wish to send you will have to hit your "back" button to come back to this page to select another card. I did it this way so that there would be no instructions or buttons to detract from the appearances of the cards. These instructions are for
WEB-TV'ers only.

PC users, you are on your own here!

Happy Holidays

'Twas The Night Before Christmas

Little Boy's Letter To Santa

Bringing Home The Christmas Tree

Away In A Manger

Santa Claus

Catnip Christmas

Little Birdie

Four Calling Birds

From Our House To Yours

A Yoshi Christmas
(to send to kids)

Our Best Friends

The Word

Christmas Bells

The Sleigh


A Letter From Santa

For the children...

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