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This year I'm giving out a Christmas Award to owner's of Christmas Sites. If you wish to apply for my Award, send your URL and Page Title to me in an email, and I will look at it. The simple rules are as follows:

1. I do not consider sites that have adult content.

2. I do not consider sites that have bigotry of any type contained in them.

3. If you are linked to adult sites or any other objectionable sites, I will not consider your site suitable.

4. Your site must be about Christmas, not just have a breif reference to Christmas on it.

If you win the award, instructions will be sent to you with the award and how to link it to this site. It must be linked back.

Send your Christmas site to me with this in the subject line "Award Application" and that way I will know to look at your site as soon as I possibly can. Make sure you include your valid email address or I can't send the award.

Now SMILE and send your Christmas site to me!

My address is

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