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I went to my grandson's Christmas play at his school today. Everyone was invited. Relatives and friends poured in till there was standing room only. Some even had to stand out in the hall and watch, so many had come to see the children perform.

The stage was all decorated with pretty blinking lights and garland. There was a tree with ornaments the kids had made. The announcements were made by the principal, and it was time! All the parents and grandparents, uncles, nieces, brothers and sisters hushed and waited. And in marched the kindergarten class. Everyone clapped and they took their places on stage. As expected they performed brilliantly. There was the one kid who yelled from the stage in the middle of the songs...
"hey Mom, where's Grandma?"....everyone laughed! The kids were so cute.

Next it was the first grade on stage and they too were wonderful with their Christmas songs and hand movements. They got huge applause.

The second grade was excellent too. They did a song called "The First Snowball" done to the tune of "Take Me Out To The Ballgame" and in the middle they all did a little juggling scene with baseballs made to look like snowballs. This was the grade I had come to see especially. This was my grandson's grade. I should have been bursting with pride. The kids were wonderful, and performed why did I have this funny sinking feeling? I'd figure it out later. The play was going so well.

The third, fourth, and fifth grades were wonderful and not one mistake was made. The music teacher had knelt in front of all the classes giving them ques and showing what gestures they should make. She'd also done a marvelous job and when she stood at the end she was given a great ovation, as she deserved for all her hard work. It was a lovely show.

So how come I had this strange feeling? I went home and thought about it. And it finally dawned on me. There was no manger. There were no angels. No Wise Men either. There was not one Christmas Carol. You know.....the old ones that mention Jesus. Away In A Manger. What Child Is This? O Little Town Of Bethlehem. No, none of those. There was no mention of the reason for the season.

The invitation to the School Play was open
to all.....but One

Now I understand what that feeling was. It was X-mas. (they kicked Christ out of that too, just X'd Him right out). It was Columbine. It was Madeline Murray O'Hare. It was how Jesus got kicked out of the schools. And the drugs, knives, guns came in. All in the name of progress.

Well I don't know about you but I want the manger back, I want the Three Wise Men back, I want the Star over Bethlehem back, and for the kids to know why the star was there. We can keep Santa and Frosty, too!

Let's tell the kids. If the schools won't let Christ in, let's tell them at home.
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